Ildikó Horváth (ed.)

Latest Trends in Hungarian Translation Studies

Translation Studies is a young discipline, but Hungarian Translation Studies is even younger, since it only dates back to the autumn semester of the 2003–2004 academic year, when the first and only PhD Programme in Translation Studies was founded at ELTE University. It is interesting to note that while the first PhD dissertations focused mainly on the written form of language mediation, today, interpreting is becoming a very frequent subject of PhD research within the framework of the programme. This volume reflects this emerging phenomenon: the majority of its articles deals with different modes and aspects of interpreting, while others present research results in the field of revision, terminology and project work. The underlying characteristic of the papers lies in the fact that these aspects are being investigated for the very first time in the Hungarian context.
Latest Trends in Hungarian Translation Studies is the result of a unique endeavour since it presents the research findings of seven PhD students of ELTE University's Department of Translation and Interpreting, together with those of two trainers and the CEO of the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation. It may be of interest to Translation/Interpreting Studies scholars and PhD students, applied linguists, interpreter and translator training programme administrators and trainers, as well as to professional language mediators.

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