Miklós Király – Tamás Szabados

Perspectives of Unification of Private International Law in the European Union

The interest in EU private international law or conflict of laws has steadily grown during the last decade. The unification of private international law in the EU is now at the forefront of academic debates. Several regulations have been adopted by the EU in various fields, such as the laws applicable to contracts, divorce and succession.
The studies in this volume approach the problem of unification from different angles. The first paper covers the interface between the harmonisation of substantive contract law and private international law, extending the research beyond the borders of the EU, while the second one compares conflict of laws issues in arbitration and litigation. A separate paper is devoted to the application and interpretation of uniform private international rules in the European Union and the tension between uniformity and diversity in this field. The book concludes with an analysis of a major challenge and regulatory gap: the free movement of companies in the EU and the law applicable to them.
The authors are all teachers at the Faculty of Law at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and conducted their research under the aegis of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence established there. Their work will contribute to a deeper understanding of EU law in this field and will serve as a background to the recently accepted new Hungarian Code on Private International Law, Act XXVIII of 2017.

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