Orsolya Szeibert (ed.)

Developments in Family Law. Year by Year I (2018)

This volume contains introductions to the main institutions of family law- primarily ‘traditional' family law- in eleven European jurisdictions. These reports were compiled, edited and published within the framework of a research project financed by the Ministry of Justice of Hungary with the aim of enhancing the quality of legal education. This project has been realised through several sub-projects. One sub-project- dealing with the issues and regulations concerning the family and family members, as well as family law itself, providing consistent and up-to-date information according to the structure used in the reports in this collection- was performed in two dimensions, in a Hungarian and in a European context. The later one, called the ‘Developments in Family Law- Year by Year' programme has resulted in a workshop and a database, which aims to build and maintain information concerning the regulations, key judgments and literature on family law in several European jurisdictions. In the first project year, the family law institutions of Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain were involved, with the research being undertaken by native family law experts in each case. The aim of ‘Developments in Family Law- Year by Year' was to give an overview of the main sources of family law. Each report explores also some judgments of the national Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or upper courts of each country, which have significance in shaping family law and its interpretation by national family law institutions. 


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