Zsuzsa Kovács – Anna Wach (ed.)

Supporting doctoral students in their teaching role

Handbook for teaching in higher education

While the professionalization of the role of teaching in higher education has become a widely accepted process through evolving academic development initiatives, the preparation of doctoral students for teaching duties remains an underrepresented topic within the field, despite the fact that doctoral students are often asked to teach for their institutions. Ensuring that these teachers are adequately trained and supported is crucial to maintaining the quality of institutional teaching and students' learning experiences.
There is a growing body of evidence which indicates that the opportunity to participate in both formal and informal supporting activities has expanded at universities within East Central Europe as well. These initiatives generally lack the components of a formal structure, such as centres of teaching and learning or professional support staff.
The project called “Supporting doctoral students' preparation for teaching roles in higher education" has been initiated in order to create a connection between these different initiatives. Through collaboration, our aim was to establish a new level of thinking in the field of teaching skills development for doctoral students. This handbook serves as the main and visible outcome of the project that was financially supported by the Visegrad Fund.

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